Privacy and Terms of Use

YouTube Jukebox respects your privacy.

We don't share your email with anyone and we don't spam your friends.

We do collect some information so that we can set up an account for you so you have a place to keep your playlists.

We collect some other information such as your user avatar which we believe help create a good user experience.

We watch to see what music people are listening to, so that we can better respond to what people like.

However, we make no waranty whatsoever of security or privacy, because a promise of this type is not financially feasible.

We reserve the right to terminate or modify service at any time, with or without good reason or notification.

We make no representation that YouTube Jukebox is suitable for any particular purpose, especially, we make no representation that YouTube Jukebox is suitable for business. It is for entertainment. If the service should fail, if data should be lost or stolen, if our servers should crash or die or get hacked, if an earthquake were to take out the State of California or if nuclear war should render the planet uninhabitable, YouTube Jukebox users will have no recourse at all. We specifically emphasize that in no situation would any sort of payment or compensation be paid for the failure, whether accidental or intentional, to perform duties or provide services of any kind.