Build playlists of free, commercial free music using YouTube as your free music library.

"YouTube Jukebox" was originally designed as a DJ system for parties. Search and find songs. Build playlists. Listen to your favorite music. Share with your friends. It's all drag and drop, super easy to use.

YouTube has a virtualy unlimited library of music. This program specifically solves two problems: YouTube only lets you queue up one song at a time, and YouTube often plays 30 second commercials between the songs. If you want a continuous commercial free playlist, you need YouTube Jukebox.


Player View

Playlists View



Player View

The player combines edit and listen capabilities

Click on any song to play it.

Drag and drop video thumbnails to move them around.

Jukebox 3 column layout

The left side is a search area where you can find new songs. Drag and drop them to the playlist (lower right) to build your playlist. You can drag and drop to rearrange the playlist order, and you can drag items out of the playlist to remove them. Just put them in the search area and they will go away.

Player Area

In the player, the normal YouTube video controls work, including "Play", "Pause" and "Full screen". Press the escape button to return from "Full Screen" to the normal view. You can also use the layout buttons (see below) to change the video size.

Page Layout

Under the player window are buttons for 1, 2, and 3 column layout. This means you can hide or show the search and playlist, or you can make the player full screen.

3 column layout 3 column layout displays the current video, playlist, and the search box. Jukebox 3 column layout
column layout 2 column layout displays the current video and the playlist. The video is 2/3 of the screen size. Jukebox 2 column layout
column layout 1 column layout displays the current video only. The video fills the screen. Jukebox  1 column layout

Search Box

Enter a title or artist and hit "search" to find the music or videos you want. Click any song to hear it play. If you find something you like, click on it to play it or drag it to the playlist.

3 column layout Show next 50 items from search
column layout Show previous 50 items
column layout Copy all videos from the search area to the playlist

Playlist Area

Songs that are in your playlist are show here. You can click on any video and it will immediately start playing. Drag and drop to reorder or delete videos.

3 column layout Play videos in order.
column layout Play videos in random order.
column layout Copy videos from this list to the temp storage area.

Temporary Storage Area

In the three column layout the center area, below the play window, is a temporary storage area. Videos you put here are saved, but are not part of the playlist. If you close the playlist these videos will still be here, so it is an easy way to transfer videos from one playlist to another.

Playlists View

Select "Search" from the menu and it brings up a search page. This lets you find playlists. Each playlist is a list of songs that you can listen to..

YourTube Jukebox Search - Long descriptions

Playlists Commands

You can change the view by clicking on the buttons to the right of "Search".

Listen to a playlist.
Edit a playlist.
Create a new playlist.

Playlists Layout Commands

You can show full details, large icons, or thumbnails in the playlist.

rows view button Rows layout, with one playlist entry per line. YourTube Jukebox Search - Long descriptions
Medium Icons View Columns layout, with more than one entry per row. Youtube Jukebox Search Medium View
Medium Icons View Thumbnails layout. Small icons View



No account is required to listen to music. You only need an account if you want to save your playlists.

Use the Facebook button to sign up using your Facebook account. One click. It's that easy. This gives us your name, email, and avatar. This is the minimum that will set up an account. We don't need your private details and we won't spam your friends. If you use Facebook authentication then you don't need a password, Facebook takes care of identifying you.


Let's listen to a playlist. Go to (the home page).

YouTube Jukebox Hoome Page

Select "listen" and you get a list of playlists.

Youtbue Jukebox Listen

We could search, but let's just pick one of these. I'm choosing "Christmas Carols". It's shown below. I clicked on the first song, and it starts playing.

Christmas List

The "play in order" button 3 column layoutis hilighted, so songs play in order. The other choice column layoutplays the songs in random order.

Let's add a song to the list. We will look for the "Grinch" song.

On the left side, where it says "Search" enter "Grinch" and hit the "Search" button. You should see something like this:

find a song

The second song looks right, so click on it once and let's see what it sounds like. Note that the songs you find will vary from day to day, so if you don't see this one, choose something similar.

grinch found

This sounds right. I will drag and drop it into the playlist.

Jukebo Grinch Added

At this point, we know how to find music and add it to a list.

You can select "New" to start a new playlist. "Save" will save it.

No account is required to do anything in this walkthrough, but if you want to save this list, you need to start an account. Otherwise how would we know who it belongs to? But you can listen as much as you like without an account.

The easiest way to start an account is through Facebook. Click on Facebook Login Button (at top) and your playlist save will be authorized through Facebook.


As long as you have a good internet connection, everything should work fine.

Some songs won't play due to rights restrictions. YouTube Jukebox will just show a little error message and then skip over thise videos to the next song in your playlist.

There are some songs that don't work very well in this player. If you get a bad video in your queue, it may show up as a black tile instead of a proper song icon. If that happens, just drag the bad video out of your playlist and into the search area. Then re-save and the problems should go away.

iPhones and Android

This site doesn't yet work with these phone devices. Come back soon. For now it requires a computer. Sorry.


We don't collect your personal information and we don't spam your friends. We do collect enough information to make an account and to make it work, but we don't participate in the sales of identifiable personal information. And we really hate spammers.